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The goods in this illustration are prohibited.


​1. Lithium battery

2. Mobile chargers

3. Sprays

4. Explosives and ammunition

5. Lighter and matches

6. Flammable liquids

7. Toxic substances

8. Corrosive substances

9. Gas

10. Compressed gas

11. Infectious material

12. Radioactive material

International laws prohibit the private transport of these products. 

Please do not put them in packages or other items you are sending to Thailand. 

SixAway declines all responsibility in case of interception of prohibited goods by the authorities. 

Are also prohibited:

  • Banana cartons

  • Perishable food

  • Perfumes

  • New goods (not for personal use)

  • Sex toys

  • Pornographic material

  • Animal products

  • Drugs (prescription drugs)

  • Electronic cigarettes

  • All materials and substances banned in Thailand

  • Buddhas / Statues

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