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With us, your goods are in good hands.

All goods can be insured according to your needs
with our HELVETIA international transport insurance policy
Insure your goods according to international standards:


This includes your agreement on the entire transport route, from sender on arrival to the delivery address. Your goods can be insured against transport damage, water, fire, theft, loss and other damage.

Basic insurance:

Benefits in case of damage:            

  • on the road: 12CHF / Kg.

  • on the water: 25 CHF / Kg.


The individual premium is set according to the volume of your goods. Ask us for an offer!

We will ask you to mention on your customs declaration, the purchase value as well as the weight of your package.


All Risk Insurance:

  • If this is not enough, for valuables we offer you additional insurance. Also covering the high All Risk values.

  • The premium is 0.5% of the purchase / new value. We will therefore ask you for the following information: purchase value, age and weight.

  • In the event of a claim, however, you will be required to prove the value of the object with a receipt, proof of purchase, repair or estimate etc.

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